Aims & Objectives


Our Aims and Objectives

Our principle aim is to provide the highest quality of care, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment where individuality, dignity and quality of life are paramount to the residents. The following principles help provide guidelines for the home to fulfil our aims.

PRIVACY:  The right of a Resident to be valued, undisturbed whenever they wish.
DIGNITY:  The understanding of a Residents needs and treating them with respect.
INDEPENDENCE:  Allowing a Resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions and think and act for themselves.
CHOICE:  Giving a Resident the opportunity to select from a range of alternative options.
RIGHTS:  Keeping all basic human rights available to the Resident.
FULFILMENT:  Enabling the Resident to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily  living.


We aim to provide an open and a positive environment, as we understand that this helps us recognise the needs of our residents and staff better. Our processes are constantly under review by the team to ensure we are able to fulfil the above principles.

Formal and informal meetings between the team take place throughout the day and regular discussion and feedback is actively sought and encouraged by management.